Hello everypony! My name is Patrick and I'm the founder of ThePonyBusiness.

ThePonyBusiness is created by collectors for collectors. We are all part of a wonderful and dynamic community with many buyers and seller. Here at ThePonyBusiness we can offer you a large variety of wonderful ponies for great prices. We strive to bring you the best in My Little Ponies and other collectible toys.

I have been selling, trading and buying ponies for over 7 years now. I've sold and traded ponies on the famous MLP message board, used eBay and sold on social media. The idea of a store for My Little Pony and other vintage collectibles was always a dream for me, but with the help of a few wonderful individuals I could visualise this dream to reality.

My Little Pony always was my favorite toy to play with when I was just a little boy. I was really drawn to their chubby horse-look and bright colors. When I outgrew them most ponies were sold on various fleamarkets, but luckily I kept my favorites. In 2008 I discovered my love for ponies again and from that point on I've been collecting non-stop. My collection counts over 1500 individual ponies and pony friends

Thank you for visiting and as always, happy collecting!

- Patrick