Genie The Unicorn

Wishes Do Come True…

We'd like to introduce you to... Genie The Unicorn! Discovered on Glitter Island, Genie is here to make your wishes come true for more pony friends! Genie is a fan-made pony and features lovely details: rooted mane with genuine nylon hair mixed with shimmering silver tinsel, full (not rooted) tail, hollow body like a regular G1, she is soft plastic mixed with super silver glitter, genie lamp symbols on BOTH sides of her body, and a special stamp under her hoof. Genie is about 5 inch (12cm) in height, and has the same dimensions/weight as a regular G1 pony.

Genie will be available this one time. Once she's gone, she will never be available again!

Genie is here NOW!
Disclaimer: Not to be used as a toy. This is a custom piece, ponies may vary.
May have some slight imperfections. Unicorn’s hair has been styled in the photo shown.