How do we process your order?

So what happens after you have shopped and paid for you order? We will give you a little insight how we take the utmost care of your order.

You’ve got mail!

After completing the payment for the order you will receive an email notification from us containing you order details. We also get an email to notify us we received an order from you. After your payment has been cleared you will be notified and we will start putting the order together.

Comfortable and Secure

When we pack your order we always use a sturdy box that is big enough to contain the order spaciously. Small items will be shipped in a padded envelop. We pre-bag our ponies in advance so they are dust-free and clean prior to shipping. As cushioning we use bubble-wrap or sheets of packing paper. Old newspapers are never used, even though your items are in protective bags, the ink might harm the content. After the order is packed up we tape the box shut and is now ready to be shipped out.

Towards a New Home

After the package is ready we print out the shipping label with the address given to us at the checkout. When the shipping label and address is stuck to package we will hand it over at the post office every Tuesday and Saturday. If you chose your package to be send via a traceable shipping option we will forward you the tracking number, so you can check the whereabouts of your order.

Welcome to the herd

Hooray! The postman has a package from ThePonyBusiness with your name on it! Before opening, please check for any signs of damage on the outside. Hopefully the items made it safe and sound and are ready to join the herd. If you have any inquiries about the items or the order feel free to contact me:

Enjoy your new additions and as always, happy collecting!